Some stories are too good to be true. 
This one is too ghastly to be false.

The Bates Saw Mill of Torture is a horrifying account of the tragic reality that was the 1881 Fire.  Based on true events and local legend.  Take a walk through a cursed wooded village where the spirits of the Damned still rule.  The town lies in the shadows of Williams Bates' home.  A man with the appetite for human flesh and an insanity from a century of torment.  Enter the Madman's actual home to see how crazy lives. If you are lucky you will catch just a peak of William before he catches you! Tour the graveyard, Bates twisted shrine to his victims.  Finally you reach the entrance to the 20,000 square foot Bates Saw Mill.  A place where living things enter but do not escape.  Blood thirsty killers lurk at every turn.  And watch out for sharp objects.......this is the Bates Saw Mill of Torture!

Not intended for anyone under the age of 13.  People with heart conditions, pregnant or sensitive to light should avoid Bates Saw Mill.  It is not for the weak

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